Our chef's main aim is to feed us all as much fresh, locally sourced, hearty food as possible.  Living up in the mountains can turn even the slightest into a major food muncher.  It's amazing what a wee hike to a waterfall can do for the appetite.


The menu for these two meals changes daily depending on whats fresh and available. On average there are 5 different options for each meal with some favorites always there.  Like local farmer, Senor Buzga's  homemade granola.  


  • Fresh organic Casa Elemento coffee.  Top shelf stuff at home is served all day, every day

  • Homemade bread

  • Fresh 'Jugos Naturales'

  • Locally made granola

  • Oven Baked Lazagna

  • Homemade chocolate chip cookies



Seved family style in keeping with the spirit of Casa Elemento.  This is a lot of guests favorite part of the day. There is a choice of meat or veg and portions are in the 'XL' catagory.  We usually serve classic dishes , cooked the right way, using the best ingredients we can find on the mountain.


  • Huge BBQ Burger Nights

  • Homemade oven baked Lazagna

  • Big ass Mexican Burritos

  • Earth Oven events. 

EAT with us...

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